Lower cost, better care, and better benefits for employers with more than 100 employees

Whether your current health plan is fully insured or self insured, you can get one of the best benefit packages in the nation with a 3-5 year strategy.

First, we review the current plan design and total healthcare spending. You’ll then see improved financial performance and increased quality of care for employees.

Improving quality of care for your employees means

  • Less absenteeism
  • A higher performance workforce

We show companies how they can lower their deductibles and out of pocket expense for their employees while reducing the overall employer healthcare costs.

Current Healthcare Spending
Up to 50% is waste, fraud, or abuse.
Out-of-Pocket Spending
up 40% since 2009
Major diseases and procedures
up to 67% are misdiagnosed
Bankruptcy Filers
72% had insurance & still filed due to healthcare costs

Truly complete solution

With Innovative Benefit Group, employers have a complete solution through Benefit Advisors who have the skills and knowledge to provide employees with benefits that they can use and value.

Provide better care while reducing health benefits spending by up to

20 %

Healthcare is already fixed.
Join us as we replicate the fixes.

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Get your eBook in your inbox