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Over a decade ago, Innovative Benefit Group was formed to provide benefit solutions for Innovative Employer Solutions, a Professional Employer Organization. Over the last decade, Innovative Benefit Group has grown with with an emphasis on reducing healthcare costs, providing human resource compliance, and benefit technology.

How does it work?

Innovative Benefit Group provides Insurance, Risk Management, Cost Containment, and Employee Benefits Consulting services. We use surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive Employee Benefits Plan review. By serving as a Fiduciary and Steward of our client’s health plan dollars, and focusing on how to reduce the cost of healthcare (rather than the cost of insurance), we operate as a transparent  “Benefit Advisors” rather than as “Brokers”, allowing our team to specialize in Cost Containment and Risk Mitigation strategies that result in dramatic reductions in the overall health plan spending of our clients. Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation process from start to finish.

Our service approach is equally unique as well. Innovative Benefit Group provides employers with the tools and guidance to become Active Managers of their health plan versus Passive Managers. With Active plan management, employers and employees have access to direct primary care, transparent pharmacy benefit managers, population health management and nurse navigation. This makes a huge difference in your health plan spend when compared to the Passive Management approach while increasing employee satisfaction.

Our Approach to Healthcare

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Mission & Values

Innovative Benefit Group  is committed to working with employers to reduce their overall Healthcare spend while providing their employee benefits that are less expensive and better than they have received in the past. We do not accept the healthcare status quo and we tirelessly pursue, both personally and professionally, opportunities to share, collaborate and learn how to constantly improve the situation of our employers and their employees.
By partnering with Innovative Benefit Group, employers will be working with individuals that have completed the NAHU PPACA Certification Course for Health Care Reform and the NAHU Advanced Self Funding Certification Course and have spent many tireless hours dedicated to understanding how healthcare reform will impact employers.

Pushing back against 50+ years
of hyper-inflating costs

Healthcare costs have gone up 274x (8x for everything else).
This creates immense collateral damage across society.

Public Spending
Consumes 30-40% of state budgets
Human Suffering
46% of Americans forego care
#1 Cause of Bankruptcy
even though 72% of filers have health insurance
Millenial Earnings
Costs will consume over 50% of lifetime earnings
Out of Pocket Costs
Increased by 68% since 2009


Lonnie Kiracofe


Lonnie Kiracofe grew up working in a family owned business and ultimately achieved the role as Regional Vice President for RehabCare Group, a Fortune 500 healthcare company. She innately understands the business of business. With over 30 years of professional experience in management at a senior level; she has walked in her client’s shoes, dealing with employment, benefits and compliance issues.

Lonnie tirelessly researches and absorbs the evolving healthcare landscape to keep clients ahead of not just this curve, but the next one. Over the years, she had become increasing concerned with the escalating cost of healthcare to employers and the higher deductibles for employees. This exploration led her to become a Health Rosetta Certified Advisor as she is passionate about creating actively managed healthcare solutions that both employers and employees are excited about.

In addition to her Health Insurance, Life, and Annuities license, she has an active Property & Casualty license. While having a keen understanding of the complexity of healthcare, she has earned the designation of Chartered Benefits Consultant (CBC) and has completed the NAHU PPACA Certification Course for Health Care Reform and NAHU Certification Course for Advanced Self Funding. Lonnie has made it her mission to further assist, train and make recommendations, she has obtained her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) designation. She lives in St. Petersburg, FL with her husband and has two grown boys that are pursuing their passion.

Debbie Nye

Manager - Benefits Advisor

Debbie is a strategic HR Benefits Advisor and who works with employers to develop the best healthcare plan designs for their employees while always considering quality and cost.  As a healthcare advocate she strives to ensure that all employers and their employees understand where and how to best access their healthcare benefits. She responds to every inquiry with a sense of urgency and accuracy that is rarely seen in today’s world.

Debbie is accomplished in utilizing and enhancing employee engagement programs, top-rated safety and compliance programs, and engaging employee relations. She believes in proper in-house risk management and proper work-life balance for all her employees and employers alike. The well-being of employees is her top priority.

She holds a Health Insurance, Life, and Annuities license and is a benefits expert who has successfully advised major companies such as FrankCrum and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Her industry experience includes employee benefits, human resources, and compensation structure. After many years in the large corporate world, she wanted a more personal touch with employers and employees and now has that opportunity with Innovative Benefit Group.

In her pursuit to further assist her employers with compliance and recommendations, she acquired her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and the SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) designation. Debbie enjoys boating and being in nature, especially when she is reading!

Dan Kilbride

Benefits Consultant

Dan Kilbride is a native Floridian who grew up working in a family-owned law practice. This helped form and develop his life ethic: To have a healthy balance of hard work and a solid family life. While in college his passion grew for service to others, especially in healthcare. This led him to a successful 27-year career in healthcare, pharmaceutical sales, and rare-disease product management/regional accounts management. 

This opened his eyes to the increasing waste, lack of fiduciary responsibility and costly compliance issues growing within healthcare.  As part of the Innovative Benefit Group, his goal is to proactively combat the escalating cost of healthcare for employers and provide better outcomes for employees.

In addition to his Health Insurance, Life, and Annuities license, Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Stetson University (Florida) and a Master of Business Administration with Distinction from the New York Institute of Technology. Along with his wife Lynn (author, artist, speaker) and son, Joachim (passionate thespian, singer and student) the Kilbride family live in Palm Harbor, FL and love hiking and martial arts training together. 

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